Innovative marine conservation solutions to protect the ocean on which all life depends.

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Our mission is to develop innovative technology solutions to support ocean conservation globally.



The most comprehensive database available of protections for marine life and their boundaries. Navigator is a free, interactive map of critical marine areas.


Marine Monitor

A low-cost radar system to provide 24/7 situational awareness of vessel traffic in the nearshore marine environment. M2 vessel tracking systems have been deployed around the world.


News & Publications

I want to commend the entire team at ProtectedSeas for the incredible work you are doing to advance marine solutions that safeguard our oceans. Your initiatives — from Navigator to Marine Monitor — exemplify the spirit of innovation and conservation that define California.

Gavin Newsom
Governor, State of California

On behalf of NOAA I want to thank you for your organization’s excellent work on your recently published national database and online mapping application for marine managed area boundaries and regulation information. NOAA greatly values our public private partnership, an excellent illustration of the value of collaboration.

NOAA Administrator Benjamin P. Friedman
Deputy Under Secretary for Operations

We have found ProtectedSeas Navigator to be the best source of data and remarkably comprehensive tool for understanding the spatial implications of marine protected area regulations. This is a valuable resource for ocean conservation.

Mike Sweeney, Executive Director
The Nature Conservancy

We are really thrilled to be partnering with ProtectedSeas, which has a mapping tool called Navigator. No one can understand ocean protection without first understanding existing ocean regulations. You can’t care if you don’t know.

Dr. Sylvia Earle
Founder / Mission Blue

Our Partners

To support ocean conservation globally, we work with universities, marine conservation, and governmental organizations in the US and abroad to drive innovation, awareness and support for information solutions for marine conservation and protection. Because if you don’t have the information you need, how can you support the oceans upon which all life depends?

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